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8 Gubkina St. Moscow,
119991, Russia
Tel.: +7(495) 984 81 41
Fax: +7(495) 984 81 39
Web site: www.mi-ras.ru
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Academic Council

1 Treschev, D. V. – Chairman of Council Academician of RAS
2 Polikarpov, S. A. – Academic Secretary of Council Candidate, Phys.-Math. Sci.
3 Beklemishev, L. D. Academician of RAS
4 Holevo, A. S. Academician of RAS
5 Kashin, B. S. Academician of RAS
6 Konyagin S. V. Academician of RAS
7 Kozlov, V. V. Academician of RAS
8 Orlov, D. O. Academician of RAS
9 Vassiliev, V. A. Academician of RAS
10 Aseev, S. M. Corresponding Member of RAS
11 Buchstaber, V. M. Corresponding Member of RAS
12 Chirka, E. M. Corresponding Member of RAS
13 Shafarevich, A. I. Corresponding Member of RAS
14 Gorchinskiy, S. O. Doctor, Phys.-Math. Sci.
15 Korolev, M. A. Doctor, Phys.-Math. Sci.
16 Pechen, A. N. Doctor, Phys.-Math. Sci.
17 Slavnov, N. A. Doctor, Phys.-Math. Sci.
18 Zubkov, A. M. Doctor, Phys.-Math. Sci.
19 Andreev, N. N. Candidate, Phys.-Math. Sci.
20 Izaak, A. D. Candidate, Phys.-Math. Sci.
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