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"Year 1812"


Report of Maj.-Gen. BOROZDIN to General
BARKLAY DE TOLLY about the battle of Borodino,
September, 7, 1812.

Translated from Russian
by Vsevolod Malinovskii


By Maj.-Gen. Borozdin, report.


As your high excellency is aware, in the battle of this August, 26-th, under the village Torky, on account of illness of the division commander, I assumed the command of the First Cuirassier Division, consisting of the regiments: Kavalerguardskii, Leib-guard Konnyi (Horsed), Leib-cuirassier: His Imperial MAJESTY's, Her Imperial MAJESTY's, and Astrakhanskii Cuirassier, and also of the Leib-guard Konno-Artillery (Horsed Artillery) company, which, at the beginning of the battle, according to the order of M. the commander of the Cuirassier regiments Lt.-Gen. Prince Golitzyn, was divided as follows: three regiments were led by me at the left flank, while the Kavalerguardskii and Leib-guard Konnyi, under the command of Maj.-Gen. Shewitch were in the center; the regiments: Kavalerguardskii and Leib-guard Konnyi, under the command of Maj.-Gen. Shewitch started this day: having received the order of your high excellency to charge the enemies who just sized our battery, and overthrowing them, they contributed to rescue of the battery, annihilating a considerable majority of those attempted. By this time an attack at our center was blunted, and the part of our infantry which has just found itself behind the enemy's cavalry was rescued; during this attack we had the misfortune to lose - the notable Colonel Löwenwolde who was stroke death, whereupon the Colonel Lewashow took command; - of the Leib-guard Konnyi reg., Colonel Arsenjew, who is recommended by Maj.-Gen. Shewitch as distinguished by his presence of mind and courage in leading the Leib-guard Konnyi reg. encharged to his command and who, having received a very heavy contusion by cannonball in his left shoulder, was forced to leave the front, whereupon the Colonel Leontjew took his post in command.

Leib-cuirassier His MAJESTY's and Her MAJESTY's, and Astrakhanskii regiments, which were led by me at the left flank, under the command: the first - of the chief of the regiment Baron Budberg; the second - of the chief of the regiment Baron Rosen; the latter - of the regimental commander, Colonel Karatajew respectively, shielded our batteries, incurring intensive bombardment and, despite atrocious cannon shooting, defended them with notable bravery. Their intrepidity was so high that even large losses in men and horses killed and injured did not deranged them, who serried their ranks each time orderly.

On my order and according to behest of M. Lt.-Gen. Prince Golitzyne, the enemy chasers who approached them and the batteries, reinforced by infantry columns, were attacked with much harm to them by two squadrons of the Astrakhanskii regiment and flung back so violently that the Lt.Colonel Nemtzow who was in the command came at those infantry columns of reinforcement; he received there a heavy wound in his right hand by bullet which broke the bone. Coming back under intensive enemy shooting, these squadrons were rearranged behind the batteries, after which, in course of the next such an attack launched hardily Major Kostin was killed and Major Belawin was wounded in breast by bullet which came through, the regimental commander Colonel Karatajew got a serious contusion in his shoulder while leaded the regiment, but notwithstanding that came back to the front where received the second one in his leg, but even then remained at his post. His conduct appreciated by his men doubled their ardor, and the regiment iterated fearlessly the attacks to protect batteries, in the course of which Rotmister L'wow, a squadron commander, behaved himself brilliantly, Rotmister Rebinder, Stab-Rotmister Zadonskij, who took duties of squadron commanders, and also Poruchiks: regimental adjudant Gojarin, Patkul', Trithoff, Iwashkin demonstrated perfect bravery and courage, and particularly Patkul' and Gojarin, who, besides accomplishing his own duties, joined his fellows for attack. All this while, were wounded: L'wow, Zadonskij and Gojarin - by contusions, Rebinder, Patkul' and Trithoff - by bullets, and Patkul' besides this got cold-arms wounds; the former kept their posts, while Trithoff and Patkul' retired in account of severe wounds.

The Leib-cuirassier His IMPERIAL MAJESTY's regiment under the command of Baron Budberg rushed to the charge several times and when he, the Colonel, was wounded by a cannonball in his leg, and the regimental commander Lt.Colonel Slepchenkow - by a bullet in his leg, and when, on behest of M. Lt.-Gen. Prince Golitzyne, the regiment under the command of Lt.Colonel Kostin was dispatched to reinforce the Second Cuirassier Division, where, while shielding our batteries, was sent by maj.-Gen. Djuka to attack an enemy battery, at which the squadron of Chisser under the command of Rotmister Wlassenko assailed, the enemy was overthrown, and though the Rotmister Wlassenko and the Poruchik Skorobogatyi were killed, under the Poruchiks Dercshau, Kalenyi 2-d and Samburgskij two enemy cannons were captured and brought to our headquarters.

All this while, Rotmister Malikow always distinguished himself, but misfortunately a cannonball shoot off an arm to this brave officer, Stab-Rotmister Seljaninow is wounded by a cannonball in both his legs, which possibly just have been operated; Poruchiks Wsewolozhskij 2-d is wounded in his leg by a bullet, Wsewolozhskij 3-d has his leg broken by a cannonball, Rodoichen, who brilliantly accomplished his duties as regimental adjudant, has got a violent contusion by a cannonball, Kalen 2-d and Cornet Count Münnich 1-st also got contusions in their left hands. Concerning Rotmister Wlassenko and Poruchik Skorobogatyi killed in the battle, whose wives are thus in a state of destitution, I dare to ask your high excellency to settle alimony on them.

The Leib-cuirassier Her IMPERIAL MAJESTY's regiment under the command of Baron Rosen, shielding our batteries and incurring intensive enemy bombardment not in the smallest has lost its bravery: the Colonel Baron Rosen, being perfectly courageous, was example for his men and when the enemy undertook an assault against our infantry on our right and when he, Baron Rosen, on behest of M. Lt.-Gen. Prince Golitzyne, was dispatched by me, heading two squadrons, to attack, which was performed with real ardency, and which harmed the enemy cavalry much, in particular when Baron Rosen took the enemy in reverse, so the enemy column was overthrown and suffered great damage. While recommending you Baron Rosen, I must attest perfect bravery of the squadron commander Major Koschembar, who contributed much to success of this attack, as well as efficiency and bravery of Major Wistergoltz, who was contused, of Stab-Rotmisters Schlippenbach and Gedeonow among whom the latter was wounded by a cannonball in his leg; of Poruchiks: regimental adjudant Kirilow, Rudzkiwskij 2-d and Koschembar 2-d, among whose the letter two were contused.

About other two squadrons of this regiment Baron Rosen reports me that Major Sologub, who headed them, was dispatched in the left flank, and rushed to the charge twice, each time hitting the enemy batteries, and recommends his fair courage and bravery, as well as of the other squadron commander, Rotmister Gagin. In the course of the brave attack this later was heavily wounded in his hand by a grape-shot; during these attacks Poruchik Milewskij also distinguished himself and was contused in his head.

Subsequently, when Maj.-Gen. Shewitch with regiments under his command joined me, the Kavalerguardskii reg. headed by Colonel Lewashow assaulted the enemy cuirassiers aggressively, overwhelmed them at once and crushed them hanging on their rear, while the Leib-guard Konnyi reg. headed by Colonel Leontjew punctuated this attack from left and, ignoring strong fire on them from batteries, has hit the enemy and rearranged itself in ready order under grape-shots. The Maj.-Gen. Shewitch who headed these two regiments, contributed greatly by his orders and intrepidity to the enemy defeat; he was an example, the courage of this general is just well-known.

He, the General Shewitch, recommends the following Colonels who demonstrated perfect bravery and courage: of the Kavalerguardskii reg., who was in command of it, Lewashow, Kablukow 1-st, wounded in his right hand, Kablukow 2-st, of the Konnoi guard reg., who took over the command over it after the Colonel Arsenjew (just fore-mentioned), Leontjew, Andrejewskij, Sol'dam, and Prince Golitzyn 1-st, Rotmisters of the Kavalerguardskii reg.: Borozdin, Uwarow and Dawydow, who were wounded; the first - in his left leg by a grape-shot, the second by a sable stroke in his head, and Dawydow is stroke by a sword below his knee; Stael and the regimental adjudant Khrapovitzkij, of the Leib-guard Konnyi: Sarotchinskij, Salow, Ramm and Orlow 1-st, who has his hip and head stroked, Stab-Rotmister of the Konnaja guard Count Tyshkewitch, who has his right knee stroked by sable and a grape-shot contusion below his knee, Poruchiks of the Kavalerguardskii reg. Baron Garbs-Howen, and of Konnaja guard reg., Mirkowitch 1-st, Sharlemo, wounded: the first - by sable over his face and hand, the second - by cannonball in his left haunch and a contusion in the same leg, and Sharlemo by a lance in his breast, and stroke in his left shoulder. Cornets of the Kavalerguardskii reg. Sheremetjew, Jazykow 1-st, von-Smittem, Pashkow and of the Leib-guard Konnyi reg. Prince Golitzyn 3-d, also wounded: Shertemetjew has sable strokes over his face and contusion in his left hand, Jazykow - by a bullet in his left leg, von-Smitten - by a bullet in the knee of his right leg, Pashkow - contusion in the middle of his back by a cannonball, and the latter - a strong contusion in his breast.

Having described the actions of the First Cuirassier division and of its distinguished officers, I have to report about the Leib-guard Konno-Artillery (Horsed Artillery) company. Under the command of Colonel Kozen, it held firm position between our troops against the enemy cavalry and artillery, trebly stronger than ours, which caused awful damage, especially to the Astrakhanskii Cuirassier regiment. Despite bad losses, being skill in his war craft and brave, Colonel Kozen, withstanding as far as it was possible, endamaged the enemy at his best, and finally, aiming tp strengthen his blows upon the enemy battery, he, Kozen, on permission of his excellency, the Commander-in-chief of the Armies, supported his position by a battery company of Lt.Colonel Dieterichs 4-th. The fire was intensified and the enemy battery was forced to cease gunning and retire. M. Kozen attests perfect bravery of MM. the officers: Captain Rapp 2-nd, Stabs-Captain Stolypine, Podporuchiks: Bartolomew, Dawydow, Baron Korff, Kuprijanow, and particularly of: Biström, Gelmersen, and Gizhitskij who, at the moment of complete disorder of the battery due to the enemy grape-shot fire held firm long time, possessing only four cannons, Poruchik Gerbel 2-d and Podporuchik Garder who was under his command and who, being sent to look for guns, gathered in different companies eleven of them and disposing them properly, endamaged the enemy heavily, while Portupei-Junker Pet(?)ra, replacing the killed officers, commanded the guns and demonstrated high merit deserving promotion to the rank of Praporchik of the Army artillery.

As well, MM. Maj.-Gen. Shewitch and Colonels: Baron Rosen and Karatajew, bearing in mind perfect bravery and courage, solicit for raising from the ranks: the first - of the Kavalergardskii reg., Estandart-Junkers: Turgenew, Sheremetjew, Junkers: Shepelew, Danilow and Turgenew, of the Leib-guard Konnyi reg., Estandart-Junkers: Count Mannschtein, Kulikowskij, Kalugin, Rodzjanko, Timiryazew 3-d, Renne and Thompson; the second - of the Leib-cuirassier Her MAJESTY's reg. Wachmister Rybas, and the latter - of Junker Ryshkovitch, with enrolling them in the same regiments. Additionally, Baron Rosen wrote about Rybas that being heavily wounded he remained in the front up to his complete exhaustion. Besides this I have honor to recommend of His Imperial Majesty Suite quartermaster company, Kolonno-vozhatyi under-officer Burnashew who, being all this while attached to me, completed my orders with exactness and bravery, and having got wound by a bullet in his hand, after his field dressing, returned to the battlefield. I beg your high excellency: in account of such his zeal in the service of His Imperial Majesty to reward him by raising to the officer rank.

All about the events of August 27-th which I was obliged to report, has been reported by me to the commander-in-chief of all the cuirassier regiments Lt.-Gen. Prince Golitzyn. Today, according to the order of your high excellency, through the chief of General Staff of the 1-st Western Army, I have the honor to report all this for affirmation of your high excellency, with personnel roster enclosed as in the above mentioned report, and with roster of other distinguished officers, and dare to recommend to you their bravery and courage. Being guided by sense of justice, I must also confirm it that all of them, as well as common soldiers, were so fearless in this sharp battle, that apparently they have decided to sacrifice their lives, and I dare humbly to beg you for their rewards.

To inform you about casualties of this day I have the honor to supply you with concise casualty list.


Major-General Borozdin.


For distinctions in the battle of Borodino Baron Anton v. Schlippenbach was rewarded by Gold Sword with inscription "For Bravery" ("Za chrabrost").

At the same time Wachmister Fedor Korenew was rewarded for saving the life of his officer, Baron Schlippenbach. [M], p. 225.

Other awards of Anton v. Schlippenbach are: St.Vladimir IV, St.Anna II, Prussian Pour le mérite.


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Vsevolod Malinovskii
(Moscow, Russia)