Бухштабер Виктор Матвеевич

Отдел геометрии и топологии (главный н.с.)

Комн.  534
Тел:     36 55
Email:  buchstab@mi.ras.ru

Основные направления исследований:
топология, теория гомотопий, математическая физика 


Victor M. Buchstaber 

The Geometry and Topology Department of Steklov Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Science, Research Leader ( ul. Gubkina, 8, GSP-1, Moscow, Russia. Office 534.
Phone 36 55)
Department of Mathematics and Mechanics, Moscow State University,
119899, Moscow, Russia, Professor

email: buchstab@mendeleevo.ru

Professional Bodies
Some selected Awards
Areas of interest
Professional Visits
Invited Lectures


Born: 1 April 1943, Tashkent, USSR

Citizen of Russian Federation

Married,  two children, born 1967 and 1972



1960-1964 Tashkent State University,

Mechanical Mathematical Department

1964-1966 Moscow State University,

Mechanical Mathematical Department

1966-1969 Postgraduate study at Moscow State University.

Ph.D. Advisers: professor S.P. Novikov and professor D.B. Fuchs.



1966 Diploma in Mathematics, Moscow State University

1970 Ph.D. in Mathematics

  1. Dr. Sc. in Mathematics


1969-1979 VNIIFTRI (National Scientific and Research Institute for Physical-

Technical and Radiotechnical Measurements), Research scientific


1979 - present VNIIFTRI, Head of the Mathematical Modeling division

1993 - present The Chair of Higher Geometry and Topology, Department of Mathematics of Moscow State University, Research Leader - Professor

1996 - present The Topology Division of Steklov Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Science, Research Leader



1994- present      Member of the Manager Council of the Moscow Mathematical Society

1995 - present     Deputy Editor-in-Chief of "Uspekhi Mat. Nauk"

1995 - present     Member of Editorial Board of "Funktsional. Anal. i Prilozhen"

1996 - present     Head of the Expert Committee in Mathematics in the Russian Foundation
                            for Basic Research

1997 - present    Member of Editorial Counsel of ⌠Theory of Probability and Applications■
1998                   Head of the Organizational Committee of the International Conference
                           "Solitons, Geometry and Topology: on the Crossroads", in Honor of the
                          60th Anniversary of Academician S.P. Novikov
2001-2004         Member of the Executive Council, of the European Mathematical


Professional Bodies

The Moscow Mathematical Society
The American Mathematical Society
The London Mathematical Society

Some selected Awards

1970                  Prize of the Moscow Mathematical Society in 1970 for the contributions to
                          K-theory and the theory of cobordism.

1994 - 1997       Russian State Scientific Scholarship

1997 - 2000       Russian State Scientific Scholarship
2000                   The cycle of the papers on the Abelian functions theory and its applications
                           to  mathematical physics was included into the list of the best papers of
                           Russian  Academy of Sciences for 1999 year.
2000 - 2003        Russian State Scientific Scholarship


1974       Invited speeker of the International Mathematical Congress, Vancouver, Canada,
               Section of Topology
1995       Adams Memorial lecturer, Manchester


Areas of interest

Theoretical mathematics: algebraic topology; group Lee theory; multivalued groups; functional equations; Abelian functions theory

Mathematical physics: integrable systems; solitons theory

Applied mathematics: numerical methods; mathematical and imitation modeling; physical tomography

Applied statistics: time-series analysis; classification theory and pattern recognition



1993 - present The courses "Modern Methods of Algebraic Topology and its
Applications" at the Mechanical Mathematical Department of Moscow
State University

1992   The course of Applied Statistics at University of Vienna, Institute fur
Statistic and Computer Science

1984-1990 The postgraduate courses in Applied Mathematics and Statistics at the National Scientific Institute for Physical-Technical and Radiothechnical Measurements

1968-1972 The courses in Algebraic Topology at the Mechanical Mathematical Department of Moscow State University


Professional Visits
2000           University of Tel-Aviv, Israel
1993-2000 University of Maryland at College Park, Maryland, USA
                  April - May (1993), February - March (1994),
                  February - March (1995), February - March (1996), February - March (1997),
                  February - March (1998), February - March (1999), February - March (2000).
1999          Mathematical Institute of Oberwolfach, Germany
1998          University of Geneva, Dpt. of Econometrics
1997-1999 University of Edinburgh and University of Manchester Royal Society and EPSRC
                   Grant, September-November.

1994-1996 University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
                   EPSRC Visiting Fellowship for six months
1993          University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
                  Royal Society Kapitza Fellowship

1992          University of Vienna, Institute fur Statistic and Computer Science, Vienna, Austria

1992          MPIM (Max Planck Institut fur Mathematik), Bonn, Germany, April-July

1991          University of Manchester, London Mathematical Society Visiting Lecture Grant,
                  Manchester, United Kingdom, September-October

1991          MPIM (Max Planck Institut fur Mathematik), Bonn, Germany

1989-1990 IIASA (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis), Vienna, Austria
                   Visiting Fellowship for three months


Invited Lectures

1989-2000 Have spoken at the Universities and the Mathematical Institutes of

Vienna, Graz in Austria

Bonn, Bohum, Heidelberg,Oberwolfach in Germany

    Tel-Aviv, Haifa in Israel

Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Loughborough, Manchester, Oxford, Swansea, Warwick in United Kingdom

Geneva in Switzerland

MIT (Boston), Alabama University at Birmingham, Maryland University at College Park, Columbia University (New York), Rutgers (New Brunswick), J.Hopkins Univ. (Baltimore) in USA




Total: 120 publications in leading Russian and international journals.


  Title   Co-authors
  Semigroups of maps into groups, operator doubles, and complex cobordisms.  Amer. Math. Soc. Transl., v.170, N2, 1995, pp. 9 - 30  
  Integrable correspondences and algebraic representation of multivalued groups  IMRN, ?8, 1996 ?.  Veselov A.P.
  On the functional equations related to the quantum three-body problem Contemporary Math. Physics, AMS Trans.,v.175, ser.2,1996 ?. Perelomov A.M.
  Multi-dimensional vector addition theorems and the Riemann theta functions IMRN, ? 10, 1996. Krichever I.M.
  On a remarkable functional equation in the theory of generalized Dunkl operators and transformations of elliptic genera Mathematische Zeitschrift, 223, 1996, 595-607. Veselov A.P.
  Hyperelliptic Kleinian functions and applications Solitons, Geometry and Topology: On the Crossroad , V.M. Buchstaber, S.P. Novikov Editors, AMS Trans., ser.2, v.179, 1997, 1-33.  Enolskii V.Z. Leikin D.V.
  The general analytic solution of a functional equation of addition type SIAM, J.Math.Anal., v.28, N4, 1997, 903-923. Braden H.W.
  Multivalued groups, their representa-tions and Hopf algebras Transformation groups, v.4, Birkhauser-Boston, 1997 Rees E.G.
  Kleinian functions, hyperelliptic Jacobians and applications Reviews in Mathematics and Mathematical Physics, I.M.Krichever, S.P. Novikov Editors, Gordon and Breach, v.10, part 2,1997, 3-120. Enolskii V.Z. Leikin D.V.
  Integrable systems with pairwise interactions and functional equations Reviews in Mathematics and Mathematical Physics, I.M.Krichever, S.P. Novikov Editors, Gordon and Breach, v.10, part 2,1997, 121-166.  Braden H.W.
  Multivalued groups, n-Hopf algebras and n-ring homomorphisms Chapter in Lie groups and Lie algebras, Kluwer Academic Publisher, 1998 Rees E.G.
  Flag manifolds and the Landweber √ Novikov algebra Geometry and Topology, v.2, 1998, 79-101 Ray N.
  Torus actions and combinatorics of polytopes Pros. V.A.Steklov Inst. Math., v. 225 Panov T.
  Torus actions determined by simple polytopes "Geometry and Topology: Aarhus" (K. Grove, I. Madsen and E. Pedersen, eds), Contemporary Mathematics 258 AMS, Providence, R.I., 2000, pp 33-46 Panov T.