Ekaterina Pozdeeva


Ekaterina Pozdeeva

Associate professor of Moscow Aviation Institute

Tel.: +7 (499) 135-13-70
Mob. Tel.: +8 (903) 198-59-43
Fax: +7 (499) 135-05-55
Email: ekatpozdeeva@mail.ru


Born 3 February 1982, town Bulgan, Mongolia.

Permanent residence: Moscow, Russia


  • 19.12.2008 - defence of Ph.D. thesis "Darboux transformation of dirac Green function and one dimensional relativistic models" in Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia
  • 2003-2005, undergraduate student of Physics Faculty of Tomsk State University
  • 1999-2003, student of Physics Faculty of Tomsk State University

Research interests

  • Classical and quantum gravity
  • Exactly solvable models


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