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High-energy scattering and TeV-gravity

Main ideas and approaches

Gravity does not play a role in the usual high energy terrestrial physics. However, in the TeV gravity scenario processes with energy about few TeV become transplanckian and the gravity is important.

The TeV gravity assumes the brane world scenario that means that all light particles (except gravity) are confined to a brane with the 4-dimensional world sheet embedded in the D-dimensional bulk. The collider signatures of such braneworld scenarios would be energy non-conservation due to produced gravitons escaping into the bulk, signatures of new Kaluza-Klein particles as well as signatures of black hole and more complicated objects such as wormholes formations.

Our results

  • I.Ya. Aref'eva, Catalysis of Black Holes/Wormholes Formation in High Energy Collisions, hep-th:0912.5481
  • I.Ya. Aref'eva, A.A. Bagrov, L.V. Joukovskaya, Several aspects of application of distributions to analysis of gravitational shock waves in General Relativity, Saint-Peterburg Math. Journal, vol.21 (2010), №4 (to appear)
  • I.Ya. Aref'eva, A.A. Bagrov, L.V. Joukovskaya, Critical trapped surfaces formation in the collision of ultrarelativistic charges in (A)dS, hep-th:0909.1294, JHEP 03(2010)02
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  • I.Ya. Aref'eva, A.A. Bagrov, E.A. Guseva, Critical formation of trapped surfaces in the collision of non-expanding gravitational shock waves in de Sitter space-time; hep-th:0905.1087; JHEP 0912:009,2009
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