Lectures on schools and invited talk on conferences

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The gauge field as chiral field on the path
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The integral formulation of gauge
theories - strings, bags or something else
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Reduced large N models,
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Reduced large N models,
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Phase structure of matrix NxN Goldstoune model in the large N limit,
Invited talk on "III international Symposium on selected topics in statistical
mechanics", Dubna 22-26 August, 1984; D17-84-850.

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for supersymmetric gauge theories,
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Topological expansion in quantum field theory
and the asymptotics of Hankel Matricies
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Gauge invariant string field theory,
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Quantum group gauge fields, Proceedings of A.D.Sakharov memorial conference

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Quantum Group $SU_{q (2)$ Gauge Field Theory , Proceedings of XXVIII Karpacz
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Physics", Karpacz, Poland, 17.II-29.II.1992.
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Bicovariant differential calculus on quantum groups
from Poisson-Lie structure , Proceedings of XXX Karpacz
Winter School of Theoretical Physics
Quantum groups, Formalism and Applications"
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D=4 Super Yang-Mills Theory ,
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Asymptotic and High Energy Scattering in QCD , in "Quarks'94"
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The Master Field for the Half-Planar Approximation for Large $N$
Matrix Models and Boltzmann Field Theory
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Planar approximation as two field Boltzmann theory ,
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Classical and quantum composite p-branes ,
Lectures given at 33rd Karpacz Winter School of Theoretical Physics:
Duality - Strings and Fields, Karpacz, Poland, 13-22 Feb 1997.
Published in Nucl.Phys.Proc.Suppl.61A:124-130,1998

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On large N conformal theories, field
theories in anti-de Sitter space and singletons .
hep-th/9803028, published in Proc. of "Quarks,98",

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Lectures presented at the Madeira workshop on
Noncommutative Infinite Dimensional Analysis, July 1999
and M.Born symposium, Poland, "New symmetries and integrable models" 8-17,
World Scientific, hep-th/9907114.

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In Proc. "High energy physics and quantum field
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Pure discrete sector in D0-branes .
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theory", 339-350, Moscow 1999

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UV/IR Mixing for Noncommutative Field Theories .
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Tachyon condensation in cubic superstring field theory ,
in Proceedings of the International Conference
"Quantization, Gauge Theory and Strings", dedicated to the memory
of Prof. Efim Fradkin, Moscow, Russia, June 5-10, 2000:
World Scientific, v.1, 21.

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In proceedings of International Seminar

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The Large Time
Behaviour in Quantum Field Theory and Quantum Chaos
Volume dedicated to S.Albeverio,
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43) I.Y. Arefeva, D.M. Belov, A.A. Giryavets, A.S. Koshelev,
P.B. Medvedev, Noncommutative Geometry and
(String/Superstring) Field Theories ,
Lectures at the Swieca Summer School,
Brazil, January 2001,

44) I.Y. Arefeva, D.M. Belov, A.A. Giryavets, A.S. Koshelev,
P.B. Medvedev, Super String Field theories, Summer School in Modern Mathematical Physics, Sokobanja, Serbia, Yugoslavia, 13-25 August 2001

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Moyal Product, "Quarks 2002",

46) I.Ya. Arefeva,  "Tachyon condensation and Vacuum
SuperString Field Theory",   EuroConference on Supersymmetry, Gravity and Quantum  Cosmology Bad Herrenalb, Germany, 1-6 June 2002,
Tachyon condensation and Vacuum SuperString Field Theory,

TCVSSFT-bad-heranald\TCVSSFT2s.ppt, TCVSSFT-bad-heranald\TCVSSFT4s.ppt,TCVSSFT-bad-heranald\TCVSSFT5s.ppt

47) I.Ya. Arefeva,  "White noise and SFT", Trento, June, 2002

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49) I.Ya. Arefeva,  "Rolling Tachyon in NS String Field Theory",Talk given at 35th International Symposium Ahrenshoop on the theory of Elementary Particles: Recent Developments in String / M
 Theory and Field Theory, Berlin, Germany, 26-30 Aug 2002,
rt-arefeva.ps; SFT_ahrenshoop.ppt

50) I.Ya. Arefeva,
Super String Field Theory and Vacuum Super String Field Theory, Lectures at "II SUMMER SCHOOL IN MODERN   MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS" September 1-12,
2002 Kopaonik, (SERBIA) YUGOSLAVIA,

51) I.Ya. Aref'eva, Superstrings and cosmological dark energy.
Proceedings of QUARKS-2006, the 14th International Seminar on High Energy Physics held on May 19-25, 2006, in St. Petersburg, Russia. Edited by S. V. Demidov, V. A. Matveev, V. A. Rubakov, G. I. Rubtsov.

52) I.Ya. Aref'eva, R.V. Gorbachev, P.B. Medvedev, Pure Gauge Configurations and Solutions to Fermionic Superstring Field Theories Equations of Motion.Lectures given at Liouville Gravity and Statistical Models: International conference in memory of Alexei Zamolodchikov, Moscow, Russia, 21-24 Jun 2008.
Published in


53) I.Ya. Aref'eva. Catalysis of Black Holes/Wormholes Formation in High Energy Collisions,Talk given at International Bogolyubov Conference on Problems of Theoretical and Mathematical Physics: To the 100th anniversary of N.N. Bogolyubov's birth, Moscow-Dubna, Russia, 21-27 Aug 2009. e-Print: arXiv:0912.5481 [hep-th]