Elizaveta Guseva


Elizaveta A. Guseva

Postgraduate student at the Moscow State University

Steklov Mathematical Institute
Gubkina str. 8, 119991, Moscow, Russia
Mob. Tel.: +7 (926) 382-75-85
Email: ffddff2008@yandex.ru  


Born 04 August 1985, Berezovskiy, Kemerovskaya region, USSR.

Permanent residence: Moscow, Russia


  • 2009 - present, MSU, Physics Department, postgraduate education
  • 2003 - 2009, Moscow State University, Physics Department,

Research interests

  • Gravitational physics: both classical and quantum


  • I.Ya. Aref'eva, A.A. Bagrov, E.A. Guseva, Critical formation of trapped surfaces in the collision of non-expanding gravitational shock waves in de Sitter space-time; hep-th:0905.1087; JHEP 0912:009,2009