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8 Gubkina St. Moscow,
119991, Russia
Tel.: +7(495) 984 81 41
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Department of Number Theory

| Seminars | History of the Department | Research Directions | Main results | Publications |
Konyagin Sergei Vladimirovich

Doctor Phys.-Math. Sci., Professor, Academician of RAS, Head of Department, Chief Scientific Researcher
office: 520; tel.: +7 (495) 984 81 41 * 36-65; e-mail: konyagin23@gmail.com, konyagin@mi-ras.ru
Principal fields of research: Trigonometric series. Polynomials. Best approximation. Character sums.
Konyagin Sergei Vladimirovich
Balkanova Olga Germanovna

PhD, Scientific Researcher
office: 509; tel.: +7 (495) 984 81 41 * 36 07; e-mail: balkanova@mi-ras.ru
Principal fields of research: Analytic number theory, L-functions.
Balkanova Olga Germanovna
Frolenkov Dmitrii Andreevich

Candidate Phys.-Math. Sci., Senior Scientific Researcher
office: 509; tel.: +7 (495) 984 81 41 * 36 07; e-mail: frolenkov@mi-ras.ru
Principal fields of research: Analytic number theory. Automorphic functions. Kloosterman sums. $L$-functions. Continued fractions.
Frolenkov Dmitrii Andreevich
Gabdullin Mikhail Rashidovich

Candidate Phys.-Math. Sci., Scientific Researcher
office: 520; tel.: +7 (495) 984 81 41 * 36-65; e-mail: gabdullin@mi-ras.ru
Principal fields of research: analytic number theory, character sums, quadratic residues.
Gabdullin Mikhail Rashidovich
Korolev Maxim Aleksandrovich

Doctor Phys.-Math. Sci., Leading Scientific Researcher
office: 526; tel.: +7 (495) 984 81 41 * 37 32; e-mail: korolevma@mi-ras.ru
Principal fields of research: Incomplete Kloosterman sums, argument of Riemann's zeta-function, power residues, the average number of power residues, the problem of Lehmer–Landau.
Korolev Maxim Aleksandrovich
Radomskii Artyom Olegovich

Candidate Phys.-Math. Sci., Scientific Researcher
office: 210; e-mail: artyom.radomskii@mi-ras.ru
Rezvyakova Irina Sergeevna

Candidate Phys.-Math. Sci., Senior Scientific Researcher
office: 526; tel.: +7 (495) 984 81 41 * 37 32; e-mail: rezvyakova@mi-ras.ru
Principal fields of research: Analytic number theory.
Rezvyakova Irina Sergeevna
Shkredov Il'ya Dmitrievich

Doctor Phys.-Math. Sci., Corresponding Member of RAS, Chief Scientific Researcher
office: 509; tel.: +7 (495) 984 81 41 * 36 07; e-mail: ilya.shkredov@gmail.com, ishkredov@rambler.ru
Personal page: https://homepage.mi-ras.ru/~ishkredov/
Principal fields of research: Additive combinatorics, number theory, ergodic number theory.
Shkredov Il'ya Dmitrievich

Arkhipov Gennadii Ivanovich (12.12.1945 – 14.03.2013)

Doctor Phys.-Math. Sci.

Principal fields of research: Number theory, mathematical analysis.
Iskovskikh Vasilii Alekseevich (1.07.1939 – 4.01.2009)

Doctor Phys.-Math. Sci., Corresponding Member of RAS

Principal fields of research: Rationality problem, birational rigidity, birational classification.
Karatsuba Anatolii Alekseevich (31.01.1937 – 28.09.2008)

Doctor Phys.-Math. Sci.

Personal page: https://homepage.mi-ras.ru/~karatsuba
Principal fields of research: Analytic number theory and mathematical cybernetics.
Contemporary Problems in Number Theory
Seminar organizers: S. V. Konyagin; I. D. Shkredov; Seminar Secretary: D. Frolenkov
Steklov Mathematical Institute, Room 530 (8 Gubkina)
Number Theory irregular seminar
Seminar organizer: D. Frolenkov
Steklov Mathematical Institute, Gubkina, 8
History of the Department

The Department ofNumber Theory was organized in1934. Academician I.M.Vinogradov was the Head of the Department in 19341983. Since1983 Prof.A.A.Karatsuba is the Head of theDepartment.

In 2010 the Department of Number theory was merged with the Department of Algebra. Aleksei N. Parshin, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, was appointed the head of the new Department of Algebra and Number theory. In 2016 the Department of Number theory has been re-established as as an independent unit of the institute. Head of the Department is S.V. Konyagin, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

At different times, G. I. Arkhipov, K.K.Mardzhanishvili, A.O.Gelfond, B.I.Segal, L.G.Shnirel'man, N.M.Korobov, L.P.Postnikova, N.V.Kuznetsov, S.A.Stepanov, A.I.Vinogradov, A.G.Postnikov, K.I.Oskolkov, S.M.Voronin, A.I.Pavlov, I.Yu.Fedorov, and M.E.Tchanga worked in the Department.

The most brilliant research achievements of the members of the Department include:

  • a new method of estimates of H.Weyl's sums and its applications in number theory;
  • an asymptotic formula for the number of representations of an odd integer by a sum of three prime numbers and, as corollary of this formula, the solution of the Goldbach problem;
  • the theory of trigonometric sums with prime numbers;
  • the solution of the 7th Hilbert problem on transcendency of logarithms of algebraic numbers;
  • rational approximations of linear forms of algebraic numbers and Diophantine equations;
  • the upper bound for the number of summands in the HilbertKamke problem;
  • elementary methods in additive problems with prime numbers;
  • the Waring problem and its generalizations to non-integer exponents;
  • the number theory methods in numerical analysis;
  • the large sieve and its applications.

Research Directions

Nowadays the number theory research is concentrated on additive combinatorics: the theory of sum products, estimates on the cardinality of sets having no solutions of linear equations; analytic number theory: distribution of prime numbers, the theory of the Riemann zeta function and its generalizations, Gram&39;s law, the theory of Dirichlet characters, incomplete Kloosterman sums, power residues, different additive problems, the theory of automorphic $L$-series, convolution formulas.

Main results

The members of the Department have made contribution to all main directions of analytic number theory as well as to some directions of applied mathematics, function theory, and algebraic geometry. In particular,

  • a local method of trigonometric sums was suggested which was used to construct a theory of multiple trigonometric sums similar to the classical Vinogradov's theory of Weyl's sums;
  • o problems about the exponent of convergence of singular integrals in the Tarry problem and its generalizations were solved;
  • the HilbertKamke problem and its generalizations to the multiple case were solved;
  • it was proved that strong forms of the Artin hypothesis on the number of variable forms or systems of forms, representing non-trivial zero in local fields are false;
  • a method of estimation of short sums of characters with modules equal to a power of a fixed prime number was discovered;
  • new elementary methods were developed in the theory of distribution of prime numbers and in the theory of equations over a finite field;
  • estimates of short sums of characters over shifted prime numbers in linear and non-linear case were obtained which are stronger than the results implied by the extended Riemann hypothesis;
  • the universality of the Riemann zeta-function and its generalizations was proved;
  • a new method of obtaining explicit formulae in additive problems of number theory was suggested;
  • a strong version of the Hilbert problem on differential independence of the Riemann zeta-function and its generalizations was proved;
  • the A. Selberg hypothesis on zeros of the Riemann zeta-function on short intervals of the critical line was proved;
  • a theorem about the `exclusiveness' of the critical line for zeros of the DavenportHeilbronn function and the Epstein zeta-function was proved;
  • on the basis of the Vinogradov method new properties of solutions of the Cauchy problem for Schroedinger type equations with periodic initial data were found and, in particular, a `quantum chaos' was discovered;
  • local and global properties of sums of trigonometric series with real algebraic polynomials in the index of imaginary exponent were studied;
  • algorithms of rapid multiplications of multi-digit numbers and of rapid calculation of elementary algebraic functions were found;
  • new quadrature formulae were constructed;
  • the three dimensional Luroth problem was solved;
  • a theory of rational surfaces over an algebraically non-closed field was developed and defining relations in the Cremona group of plane over an algebraically non-closed field were described;
  • the concept of birational rigidity, which is now one of the crucial concepts of higher dimensional birational geometry, was introduced and studied, a birational rigidity was proved for the main classes of higher dimensional Fano varieties and large classes of Fano fiber spaces.

Recent publications

| by years | scientific publications | by types |

1. S. Konyagin, H. Queffelec, E. Saksman, K. Seip, “Riesz projrctions and bounded mean oscjllation for Dirichlet series”, Studia Mathematica (to appear) , arXiv: 2005.11951v2
2. M. A. Korolev, “I.M.Vinogradovs sieve and the estimate of an incomplete Kloosterman sum”, Mat. Sb. (to appear)  mathnet
3. I. D. Shkredov, Uspekhi Mat. Nauk (to appear)  mathnet

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