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Konyagin Sergei Vladimirovich
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1. K. Ford, B. Green, S. Konyagin, J. Maynard, T. Tao, “Long gaps between primes”, J. Amer. Math. Soc., 31:1 (2018), 65–105 , arXiv: 1412.5029  mathnet  crossref  mathscinet  isi  scopus
2. S.V. Konyagin, I.D. Shkredov, “On subgraphs of random Cayley sum graphs”, European J. Combin., 70 (2018), 61–74 , arXiv: 1710.07230  mathnet  crossref  isi  scopus
3. K. Ford, S. Konyagin, J. Maynard, C. Pomerance, T. Tao, Long gaps in sieved sets, 2018 , 26 pp., arXiv: 1802.07604
4. S. V. Konyagin, A. A. Kuleshov, V. E. Maiorov, Complex analysis, mathematical physics, and applications, Collected papers, Tr. Mat. Inst. Steklova, 301, MAIK Nauka/Interperiodica, Moscow, 2018 (to appear)  mathnet
5. S. V. Konyagin, P. A. Borodin, “Convergence to zero of exponential sums with positive integer coefficients and approximation by sums of shifts of a single function on the line”, Analysis Mathematica, 2018 (to appear)

6. S. V. Konyagin, M. A. Korolev, “Irreducible solutions of an equation involving reciprocals”, Sb. Math., 208:12 (2017), 1818–1834  mathnet  crossref  crossref  mathscinet  adsnasa  isi (cited: 2)  elib  scopus
7. Kevin Ford, Moubariz Z. Garaev, Sergei V. Konyagin, “On the smallest simultaneous power nonresidue modulo a prime”, Forum Math., 29:2 (2017), 347–355  mathnet  crossref  mathscinet  isi  scopus
8. S. V. Konyagin, S. V. Makarychev, I. E. Shparlinski, I. V. Vyugin, On the new bound for the number of solutions of polynomial equations in subgroups and the structure of graphs of Markoff triples, 2017 , 22 pp., arXiv: 1711.0535

9. Sergei V. Konyagin, Florian Luca, Bernard Mans, Luke Mathieson, Min Sha, Igor E. Shparlinski, “Functional graphs of polynomials over finite fields”, J. Comb. Theory, Ser. B, 116 (2016), 87–122 , arXiv: 1307.2718  mathnet  crossref  mathscinet (cited: 1)  zmath  isi (cited: 3)  elib  scopus (cited: 2)
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11. S. V. Konyagin, A. A. Kuleshov, “On some properties of finite sums of ridge functions defined on convex subsets of $\mathbb R^n$”, Proc. Steklov Inst. Math., 293 (2016), 186–193  mathnet  crossref  crossref  mathscinet  isi (cited: 3)  elib  elib  scopus (cited: 1)
12. S. V. Konyagin, M. A. Korolev, “On a symmetric diophantine equation with reciprocals”, Proc. Steklov Inst. Math., 294 (2016), 67–77  mathnet  crossref  crossref  mathscinet  isi (cited: 4)  elib  elib  scopus (cited: 1)
13. S. V. Konyagin, I. D. Shkredov, “New results on sums and products in $\mathbb R$”, Proc. Steklov Inst. Math., 294 (2016), 78–88 , arXiv: 1602.03473  mathnet  crossref  crossref  mathscinet  isi (cited: 7)  elib  elib  scopus (cited: 6)

14. S. R. Blackburn, S. V. Konyagin, I. E. Shparlinski, “Counting additive decompositions of quadratic residues in finite fields”, Funct. Approx. Comment. Math., 52:2 (2015), 223–227  mathnet  crossref  mathscinet  elib  scopus (cited: 1)
15. S. V. Konyagin, I. D. Shkredov, “A quantitative version of the Beurling-Helson theorem”, Funct. Anal. Appl., 49:2 (2015), 110–121 , arXiv: 1401.4429  mathnet  crossref  crossref  mathscinet  zmath  isi  elib  elib  scopus
16. S. V. Konyagin, A. A. Kuleshov, “On the Continuity of Finite Sums of Ridge Functions”, Math. Notes, 98:2 (2015), 336–338  mathnet  crossref  crossref  mathscinet  isi (cited: 5)  elib  elib  scopus
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