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Kozlov Valery Vasil'evich
(recent publications)
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1. V. V. Kozlov, Mat. Sb. (to appear)  mathnet  crossref

2. V. V. Kozlov, Mathematical physics and applications, Collected papers. In commemoration of the 95th anniversary of Academician Vasilii Sergeevich Vladimirov, Tr. Mat. Inst. Steklova, 306, Steklov Math. Inst. RAS, Moscow, 2019 (to appear)  mathnet
3. V. V. Kozlov, “Tensor invariants and integration of differential equations”, Russian Math. Surveys, 74:1 (2019), 111–140  mathnet  crossref  crossref  adsnasa  isi  elib  scopus
4. I. V. Volovich, V. V. Kozlov, Mathematical physics and applications, Collected papers. In commemoration of the 95th anniversary of Academician Vasilii Sergeevich Vladimirov, Tr. Mat. Inst. Steklova, 306, Steklov Math. Inst. RAS, Moscow, 2019 (to appear)  mathnet
5. Valery V. Kozlov, “On the dynamics of systems with one-sided non-integrable constraints”, Theor. Appl. Mech., 46:1 (2019), 1–14  mathnet  crossref  isi  scopus
6. I. A. Bizyaev, A. V. Borisov, V. V. Kozlov, I. S. Mamaev, “Fermi-like acceleration and power-law energy growth in nonholonomic systems”, Nonlinearity, 32:9 (2019), 3209–3233  mathnet  crossref  isi
7. V. V. Kozlov, Uspekhi Mat. Nauk, 74 (2019)  mathnet  crossref  crossref

8. Valery V. Kozlov, “Linear Hamiltonian Systems: Quadratic Integrals, Singular Subspaces and Stability”, Regul. Chaotic Dyn., 23:1 (2018), 26–46  mathnet (cited: 3)  crossref  mathscinet  isi (cited: 6)  scopus (cited: 7)
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10. V. V. Kozlov, “The Monge problem of “piles and holes” on the torus and the problem of small denominators”, Siberian Math. J., 59:6 (2018), 1090–1093  mathnet  crossref  crossref  isi  elib  scopus
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13. V. V. Kozlov, “Multi-Hamiltonian property of a linear system with quadratic invariant”, St. Petersburg Mathematical Journal, 30:5 (2019), 877–883  mathnet  crossref  isi  scopus

14. Valery Kozlov, Ivan Polekhin, “On the covering of a Hill’s region by solutions in systems with gyroscopic forces”, Nonlinear Anal., 148 (2017), 138–146  mathnet  crossref  mathscinet  isi (cited: 3)  scopus (cited: 3)
15. V. V. Kozlov, “Cauchy's mean value theorem and continued fractions”, Russian Math. Surveys, 72:1 (2017), 182–184  mathnet  crossref  crossref  mathscinet  adsnasa  isi  elib  scopus
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17. S. V. Bolotin, V. V. Kozlov, “Topological approach to the generalized $n$-centre problem”, Russian Math. Surveys, 72:3 (2017), 451–478  mathnet  crossref  crossref  mathscinet  adsnasa  isi (cited: 3)  elib  scopus
18. S. V. Bolotin, V. V. Kozlov, “Topology, singularities and integrability in Hamiltonian systems with two degrees of freedom”, Izv. Math., 81:4 (2017), 671–687  mathnet  crossref  crossref  mathscinet  adsnasa  isi (cited: 2)  elib  elib  scopus (cited: 1)
19. V. V. Kozlov, “A summation formula for divergent continued fractions”, Dokl. Math., 95:3 (2017), 240–242  mathnet  crossref  crossref  mathscinet  isi  elib  scopus
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