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ICM Plenary and Invited Speakers since 1897

MIAN staff MIAN staff and out-of-staff employees MIAN and PDMI staff, all years
Name  Year  City Section 
Adian Sergei Ivanovich 1970 Nice Algebra
Agrachev Andrei Alexandrovich 1994 Zürich Applications of Mathematics in the Sciences
Andreev Nikolai Nikolaevich 2018 Rio de Janeiro Mathematics Education and Popularization of Mathematics
Besov Oleg Vladimirovich 1970 Nice Analysis
Bochkarev Sergei Viktorovich 1978 Helsinki Real and Functional Analysis
Bogomolov Fedor Alekseevich 1978 Helsinki Algebraic Geometry
Bogoyavlenskii Oleg Igorevich 1978 Helsinki Geometry
Bolotin Sergey Vladimirovich 1994 Zürich Ordinary Differential Equations
Bondal Aleksei Igorevich 2002 Beijing Algebra
Buchstaber Victor Matveevich 1974 Vancouver Invited (lecture was not given)
Chibisov Dmitrii Mikhailovich 1983 Warszawa Probability & Mathematical Statistics
Dranishnikov Alexander Nikolaevich 1998 Berlin Topology
Dubrovin Boris Anatol'evich 1998 Berlin Differential Geometry and Global Analysis
Grigorchuk Rostislav Ivanovich 1990 Kyoto Algebra
Holevo Alexander Semenovich 1986 Berkeley Probability & Mathematical Statistics
Holevo Alexander Semenovich 2006 Madrid Mathematical Aspects of Computer Science
Ilyashenko Yulij Sergeevich 1978 Helsinki Ordinary Differential Equations & Dynamical Systems
Ilyashenko Yulij Sergeevich 1990 Kyoto Ordinary Differential Equations & Dynamical Systems
Kaledin Dmitry Borisovich 2010 Hyderabad Algebraic Geometry
Kashin Boris Sergeevich 1983 Warszawa Real and Functional Analysis
Konyagin Sergei Vladimirovich 2006 Madrid Analysis
Kozlov Valery Vasil'evich 1986 Berkeley Ordinary Differential Equations & Dynamical Systems
Krichever Igor Moiseevich 1990 Kyoto Mathematical Physics
Kruzhilin Nikolai Georgievich 1986 Berkeley Complex Analysis
Kuksin Sergei Borisovich 1998 Berlin Ordinary Differential Equations & Dynamical Systems
Kuznetsov Alexander Gennad'evich 2014 Seoul Algebraic Geometry
Makanin Gennadiy Semenovich 1978 Helsinki Mathematical Logic & Foundations of Mathematics
Manin Yurii Ivanovich 1966 Moscow Algebraic Geometry & Complex Manifolds
Manin Yurii Ivanovich 1970 Nice Algebra
Manin Yurii Ivanovich 1978 Helsinki Plenary
Manin Yurii Ivanovich 1986 Berkeley Mathmatical Physics
Manin Yurii Ivanovich 1990 Kyoto History, Teaching & Nature of Mathmatics
Mishchenko Alexandr Sergeevich 1970 Nice Geometry & Topology
Nikulin Viacheslav Valentinovich 1986 Berkeley Algebraic Geometry
Novikov Sergei Petrovich 1966 Moscow 1/2 hr. report
Novikov Sergei Petrovich 1970 Nice Geometry & Topology
Novikov Sergei Petrovich 1978 Helsinki Plenary
Orlov Dmitri Olegovich 2002 Beijing Algebra
Parshin Aleksei Nikolaevich 1970 Nice Algebra
Parshin Aleksei Nikolaevich 2010 Hyderabad Plenary
Platonov Vladimir Petrovich 1974 Vancouver Algebraic Groups & Discrete Subgroups
Platonov Vladimir Petrovich 1978 Helsinki Algebra
Popov Vladimir Leonidovich 1986 Berkeley Algebra
Pukhlikov Aleksandr Valentinovich 1998 Berlin Algebra
Razborov Alexander Alexandrovich 1986 Berkeley Mathematical Aspects of Computer Science
Shiryaev Albert Nikolaevich 1970 Nice Analysis
Shiryaev Albert Nikolaevich 1978 Helsinki Plenary
Shokurov Vyacheslav Vladimirovich 1986 Berkeley Algebraic Geometry
Slavnov Andrei Alekseevich 1974 Vancouver Invited (lecture was not given)
Temlyakov Vladimir Nikolaevich 2006 Madrid Analysis
Treschev Dmitrii Valer'evich 2002 Beijing Ordinary Differential Equations & Dynamical Systems
Vassiliev Victor Anatolievich 1994 Zürich Plenary

Source: website of the International Mathematical Union
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