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Algorithmically Integrable Systems in Action

Encyclopedia of Integrable Systems

The goal of the project ALISA is to develop an online interactive encyclopedia containing

  1. the basics of the theory of nonlinear integrable systems, the description of the main classes of integrable equations, and the actual information on particular equations;
  2. tests of integrability based on the intrinsic properties of equations (symmetries, conservation laws, Lax pairs, etc.) and lists of the integrable systems obtained by means of these tests;
  3. solving methods for various classes of integrable equations, in particular, the methods for construction of exact solutions;
  4. programs of symbolic computations, allowing to check in the interactive mode the integrability of the given equation, to find the changes of variables relating it to the known equations, to construct solutions. (In the preliminary version presented now, only some separate Maple/Mathematica programs are available.)

The encyclopedia is a free online edition, permanently renewed and enlarged. The Editorial Board invites specialists to submit their articles on the subject, as well as remarks, comments, and suggestions.

Creation of this online interactive encyclopedia is a joint project of

This project will be part of European project headed by RISC,
project coordinator ElenaKartashova.

Editorial Board:
A. B. Shabat (Editor-in-chief)
V. E. Adler (Managing editor)
F. Calogero
B. A. Dubrovin
J. Hietarinta
E. Kartashova
A. K. Pogrebkov
A. G. Sergeev
J. Sanders
Software Board:
W. Schreiner (RISC)
V. E. Adler (ITP)
A. D. Izaak (MIAN)

Address for correspondence: alisa@mi.ras.ru

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